Inter-Laboratory Test

Proficiency testing is an essential part of laboratory quality procedure and participation is a mandatory requirement of ISO 17025 accreditation. CGPTP proficiency testing provides an independent assessment of your laboratory performance and compares your results to laboratories worldwide. Taking part in our proficiency tests gives you confidence in your laboratory equipment, methods and staff, and assurance that you are delivering the quality results demanded by your customer

Why Choose CGPTP proficiency testing schemes?
  • Trusted, accredited PT provider
  • Offering the widest range of analyte/matrix combinations for the food sector
  • Results receive rigorous statistical analysis by PT experts
  • Detailed confidential reports with clear feedback and method comparisons
  • Fast publication of the report
  • Easy result reporting through the secure area of our website

    2018 SCHEME

ProductProficiency testing schemeProvisional Scope ID of PT
Peanut ButterPreservativeBenzoic acid, Sorbic acid, Salicylic acid, Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl para-hydroxybenzoate (200mL)ust18P01
WastewaterProtein (Crude)Percentage of crude protein (200g)ust18P03
WastewaterChemical AssaySodium Bisulphite (100mL)ust18P05
WastewaterChemical AssayFerric Chloride (100mL)ust18P07
WastewaterChemical AssaySodium Chlorite (100mL)ust18P09
Tick to order participation ID of PTStart dateParticipation costs, include transport, etcCosts of each extract sampleNo. of extra samplePrice, sub total
ust18P0115-5-2018HKD 1,500HKD 250
ust18P0215-10-2018HKD 1,500HKD 250
ust18P0315-5-2018HKD 1,000HKD 250
ust18P0415-10-2018HKD 1,000HKD 250
ust18P0515-5-2018HKD 1,000HKD 250
ust18P0615-10-2018HKD 1,000HKD 250
ust18P0715-5-2018HKD 1,000HKD 250
ust18P0815-10-2018HKD 1,000HKD 250
ust18P0915-5-2018HKD 1,000HKD 250
ust18P01015-10-2018HKD 1,000HKD 250